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Diquis Del Sur hotel lies on a vast plateau, between the ocean and the mountains. This positioning allows us to see the forest from above, which favors the observation of the birds in the canopy. With a list of more than 120 species of birds accounted for in our gardens, we can not imagine a better environment to welcome avian wildlife enthusiasts.

Bernard Cloutier, a renowned ornithologist in Quebec, collaborates with the Diquis del Sur and organizes outings for our clients during the months of January or February each year.

Diquis del Sur is currently working to develop a seven-day "Ornithology" package. Excursions in the mangroves of Sierpe River, up mountains in Parque National de Los Quetzal in search of the resplendent quetzal, not to mention the visit of Playa Tortuga to meet the "Lapas Rojas" or red macaws. Subscribe to our info-letter to receive details and availability.


The mention of the name alone causes great excitement among avian wildlife enthusiasts.

What aficionado does not dream of finding the resplendent quetzal, which some consider the most beautiful bird of the world, or immortalize a violet sabrewing, one of the 52 species of hummingbirds accounted for in Costa Rica?

With over 900 species of birds listed in this tiny country, it goes without saying that Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for any ornithologist, whether he be novice or connoisseur.

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