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Costa Ricans do not have a particular gastronomic specialty or any particular style of cuisine. Although their dishes are simple, based on fairly common ingredients, and relatively unvaried, they are delicious dishes that hold an important place in society.

The Gallo Pinto, the national dish of Costa Rica is made up of black beans and rice. This simple dish owes its name to the individual spots of color that tint the rice during cooking.  This vegetarian dish will be enhanced with a touch of Lizano sauce to give it a little more spice.


Another typical dish is their ceviche, Costa Rica’s abundance of fresh seafood lends itself perfectly to this marinated fish and herb dish.

It would rather be the immigrants that have developed gastronomy in Costa Rica. In the southern part of the country, particularly in the Ojochal region, these immigrants mostly of French and Canadian nationalities have been restaurateurs for several decades. It is with their love of food and know-how that they today earn the reputation of being among the best restaurants in Costa Rica.

Despite the fact that Diquis del Sur does not offer evening catering on a daily basis, the hotel regularly organizes thematical evenings and serves meals. Maude, the hotel chef, proposes delicious cuisine in simplicity and in a convivial atmosphere.

You will fin below a list of restaurants you can find in Ojochal and its surroundings where you will find reputable cuisine.



1 km south of Ojochal (R34)

Tél: 4702-9868

Closed on Wednesdays

Lunch and dinner

Costaricienne cuisine

Avenida principale

Tél: 2786-5050


Monday to Saturday

International cuisine (Fusion)

Reservation recommended

Hôtel El Castillo

Calle Perezoso

Tél: 2786-5543

Lunch and dinner

Closed on Mondays

Mediterranean cuisine

Hôtel Oasis de las Palmas

Tél : 4701-0110


Closed on Wednesdays

Mediterranean cuisine

Ojochal Village

Calle Soluna

Tél: 8729-4115

Breakfast and lunch

Monday to Friday


Calle Perezoso
Tél: 2786-5336

Lunch and dinner

Wednesday to Monday
Mediterranean and Italian

Reservation recommended

Costanera (R34)
Tél: 2786-5082

Lunch and dinner

Closed on Tuesdays
Costa Rican cuisine


Hôtel Alma de Ojochal

Calle Perezoso
Tél: 2786-5295​

Live entertainment

Calle Principal
Tél: 2786-5175

Dinner only

7 days a week
International cuisine

Reservation recommended



Avenida Principale

Tél: 4702 4503

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Closed Thursdays & Sundays

Italian cuisine

600m passé le poste de police

Calle Soluna

Tél : 2786 5054


Wednesdays to Saturdays

Indonesian cuisine

Reservation recommended



Calle del Bosque

Village d'Ojochal

Tél: 8477-0086


Reservation needed

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